• Nema23 Stepper Motor - 1.26N.m

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    The perfect compliment to an Arduino CNC shield powered by DRV8825 modules (Also available in our store).


    These smaller Nema23 motors pack a lot of power for a small size!


    Perfect for CNC machinery, pick and place machines and other application where precise motor control is required such as robotics.

    SKU: 23HD56001Y
    Specification Value
    Step angle 1.8° ±5%
    Number of Phases 2
    Insulation resistance 100MΩ min (500V DC)
    Insulation class Class B
    Rotor Inertia 280g.cm²
    Mass 0.72kg
    Rated voltage 3.36V
    Rated current 2.8A
    Resistance per phase 1.2Ω ±10%
    Inductance per phase 2.3mH ±20%
    Holding torque 1.26Nm
    Detent torque 45mN/m


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