• GRBL 3 Axis controller (XYYZ) with Dual Y axis


    An extremely simple to use GRBL compatible controller suited for quick and easy connection of either Laser or DC spindle operation. The board includes 4 x A4988 drivers preinstalled.


    The connections on the board are JST PH2.0 type connectors but dupont connectors will also work. If using dupont connectors, we recommend hot gluing the dupont connector to the board to ensure a good connection.

    1. Dual Y-axis support
    2. 4 x A4988 drivers preinstalled
    3. Supports 12V, 5V lasers with TTL or without TTL.
    4. Supports the XYZ limit switch, probe interface.
    5. Supports Laser or Spindle.

    6. Preinstalled with GRBL 0.9j

    Package Included
    1 x 3 Axis Dual Y Axis (XYYZ) USB Port Control Board
    1 x 775 Motor Cable
    1 x USB Data Cable


    **Please note: The board does not include a power supply, fan or JST/Dupont connectors.**

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