• 4 channel Opto isolator board


    An extremely handy tool for adding opto isoltion to your circuits. These 4 channel boards can be used for a variety of applications including resolving debounce issues with CNC limit switches and other electronic equipment.


    Use of low level control with high level outout or vice versa.
    HVCC maximum can not be greater than 24V.
    Outlet OUT1 / OUT2 / OUT3 / OUT4 output current is equal to the largest HVCC / 5.1K,
    Maximum current handling of 500mA
    Input: IN1 / IN2 / IN3 / IN4, SCM or for Arduino IO port,
    GND with single-chip microcomputer or for Ard uino board GND connection.
    IN1 / IN2 / IN3 / IN4 respectively control the OUT1 / OUT2 / OUT3 / OUT4

    Output: OUT1 / OUT2 / OUT3 / OUT4

    Output: HVCC: Connection is control of high voltage anode,
    HGND connection is control of high voltage anode
    PCB Size: 25*24mm/0.98*0.94
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