SharpCNC Controller AIR

Our prototype enclosure for our new wifi & bluetooth enabled SharpCNC controller lined up beautifully with our main control board.

Here's also a sneak peak at the new Windows software and Web control we've added allowing you to control, tweak and run jobs on your SharpCNC from ANY device with a web browser.

You can even upload job files remotely directly to the SD card on the controller!

The controller itself supports Spindle, plasma or laser operation along with all the nice features you've all come to love like probing, coolant feeds and door sensors.

We're also working on a simple and intuitive hand controller that plugs into the small black port on the front of the machine controller that will let you easily set your zero, jog the machine and of course choose which jobs to start from the SD card meaning no other devices are required to start and stop jobs.

This truly a 100% Aussie designed, made and assembled CNC controller we hope you will all love.

Also, tell us what you think of the new enclosure design we'd love some feedback!

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